About the Company

A company turning ideas into beautiful things

Solartail Solutions is a Ghanain-based company specializing in renewable energy and clean water solutions throughout the developing world. Experts in rural, remote areas, we offer a wide range of products and services that achieve one common goal: to enable long-term access to clean energy and water. We focus on solutions that are sustainable – technically, economically, socially and environmentally.

“As we are committed to improve the lives of our customers, the electricity consumers, protecting the environments in which we operate, empowering our people and partners and improving long-term returns to our investors.”

Established in 2017, the company has expanded far beyond its initial focus, now providing its integrated expertise of rural electrification to governments, multilateral development agencies, multinational companies, NGO’s and private individuals throughout Ghana and Belgium.

Our Team Members

Meet the talents behind

At Solartail, we believe that a dedicated team makes a true difference in overall quality when in comes to the final product.

Emmanuel Kwame Awunyo


Diploma Business Management

25 years of Management Experience

Patience Sintim - Aboagye


BA Hons Marketing | MSc IBM

5 years of Marketing Experience

What We Do

what sectors we cater to


Residential Solar can be made into a progressive solar sector, allowing people to generate their power directly and minimize their electricity bill.

Commercial + Industrial

Solar installations with no upfront cost on large commercial and industrial buildings, office buildings and factories lead to energy savings for businesses, reducing a company's operating costs.


We work with farmers, ranchers and land owners to implement solar energy in order to put degraded plots of land to good use, ultimately lowering operating costs.


Solar energy integrated in the overall power supply of a mining site can reduce the operating costs of a mine as well insulate the business against future volatility in energy prices.


With no upfront costs, school districts can bring solar to schools - to power classrooms and laptops and to introduce a new topic in the science classroom by offering more money for students and less for electronic costs.

Utility Scale

The cheapest form of solar energy available provided in large scale, at no upfront cost to utility and no fuel cost volatility.

Our Mission

our vision behind SolarTail


Solar is the most eco-friendly energy available today. It is a 100% Renewable Energy source.

Reduce Global Warming

A completely renewable resource, solar power does not produce any harmful emissions that can contribute to global warming.

Diverse Applications

Solar Energy can be used to produce electricity with no access to energy grids, distill water with limited clean water supply and even power satellites in space.

Save Power

The cost of maintaining solar panels is minimal when compared to other forms of generating electricity. The panels can last on your roof for more than 25 years!