Business Model

Our Business Structure

Structure in our work

1. Experience & Innovation

We bring excellent engineering expertise, always ahead of the competition, through our consultants Linea Trovata from Belgium, one of the worldwide top 3 countries in PV per capita.

2. Customized Solutions

We introduce the best fit technology tailored to the needs of the market, and tailor made does not necessarily mean expensive but for sure is more efficient.

3. Guaranteed Convenience and Satisfaction

We provide accurate information and long term engagement; by simulating financial saving models for the proposed solution and offering the longest warranty terms in the market.

4. Reliable Complete Solutions

Reliable Complete Solutions at 3 levels:

  • Design: Providing a wide variety of integrated energy solutions using different technologies from a wide product range to match different needs.
  • Product: Best value for money for each component of the total solution.
  • Service: Full solution life cycle & entire customer engagement; providing: accurate pre-installation advice, site preparation, and punctual delivery, hassle free installation, cleaning service & monitoring options.

Power purchase agreements (PPAs)

PPAs mean building partnerships: sharing our global expertise, offering our project development capabilities and supplying your business with reliable, tailor-made and cost competitive renewable solutions. Our clients in their respective industries: automotive, f&b, cement, mining, chemical, retail, tech, telecommunication, bank and others.

Sustainability. The core of our daily work

The increasing of renewable competitiveness in recent years and their features, such as scalability, modularity and fast time-to-market, make renewables the preferable option for industrial customers in both mature and emerging economies. In fact, in 7 years, the price of solar PV modules has fallen by 90% this makes it attractive for business.